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Millions of pounds of textiles are tossed into landfills across the United States each year. Clothing and textiles are nearly 100% recyclable, however in our "disposable" society, clothing is thrown into the garbage without a second glance. GO Recycle Arizona will collect and recycle textiles in a variety of ways. We believe in giving textiles a second life: a t-shirt can become a wiping cloth; a stray sock can become pillow stuffing; a teddy bear can turn into car seat stuffing and so much more. Today only 15% of people recycle and that means 85% of used textiles end up in our community landfills. Our goal, at GO Recycle Arizona, is to keep landfills 100% free from textiles!

shoe recycling how it helps

It is easy to Recycle Arizona! Simply contact us to donate or recycle items you don’t need or use anymore. Check out how recycling helps our community:

  • REDUCE pollution and waste entering landfills
  • CONSERVE energy and natural resources
  • EARN MONEY with fundraising opportunities
  • PROTECT the environment and natural resources
  • GIVE clothing a second life
  • CREATE green jobs in the US
  • REDUCE costs associated with upkeeping landfills
  • PROVIDE clothing for struggling families in the US & abroad

how to recycle in AZ

  • Host a Drop Spot
  • Organize a Shoe/Clothing Drive
  • Setup a Fundraiser
  • Support a Local Charity
  • Donate Extra Inventory

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Go Recycle! Call 480-747-4575 or sign up!

Go Recycle Arizona:
Saving Water in AZ!
  • 204,345,417
    Gallons preserved in Arizona
  • 1,000,000,000
    Gallons is our goal for 2014!
Help us save One billion gallons!

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